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 Verna M. Hall (1920-2009) and Rosalie J. Slater (1919-2006) are best known and remembered for their contributions to the big red books which were the foundation of The Principle Approach to Christian Education, first printed in the 1960s.

“From the moment she first glimpsed Verna’s "big red book,” God called Rosalie Slater out of a secular doctoral program in education to partner with Verna Hall and teach the answer program for the restoration of America.

“At her first awareness of America’s decline and degeneracy, Verna Hall began research that led her to understand that the cause was not economic or political, social, or even moral—but spiritual.”[1]

“My generation was in the universities when Americans began to alter the original form of their Federal and State governments from those established upon individual and local self-government, to governments paving the way for ever-increasing socialism [1935-1940]. Our education afforded us very little pertaining to the true history of our country and its fundamental principles. Like a great many of my contemporaries, I found my work in the newly-created bureaus of the Federal government fascinating and exciting, for new opportunities were opened for government to do things for people and communities.*
“Thus I experienced the beginnings of socialism; I saw the thoroughness of socialistic organization descend like a pall upon every facet of our economy and culture, altering almost everything. The deep sense of patriotism and love of country instilled in me by my mother, asked this question, Is this alteration really for the good? To answer this question it was necessary to know the real motive and purpose of America. Were we like other nations in our idea of government or were we different? Reading and studying American history revealed the fact that this nation is unique; it had a singular beginning; it has the sacred covenant of individual freedom or local self-government in all spheres entrusted to its care.
“After this discovery I left government service and in 1947 began a Constitution study group for individuals interested in economic and constitutional principles. These study groups were patterned after those I was establishing for a national business organization. Although this study of the Constitution was helpful in revealing to each individual member just how far America had strayed from its original course of local self-governing institutions, yet this activity did not disclose the underlying reason for the deflection into socialism, or the way to arrest its growth, or to repair the damage done.
“Continual observance of national and world affairs . . . showed the vital necessity of making available for Americans the Christian History of their Constitution. It became apparent just how necessary it was to set forth the connection between Christianity, individual freedom, and local self-government. The failure to remember this connection, hidden all the while by a gossamer web [veil], is the obvious reason why the American people are deflecting into socialism degree by degree. **[2]
“The majority of my generation now coming into leadership in government, business, and other areas, does not know the Christian history of America. It has been reared in a socialistic environment of Government, therefore, this is a critical time because our link in Christianity’s chain, weak and pulling apart after thirty years of socialism, either will be broken, or it will be reforged so that the chain of Christianity may go forward unbroken.”[3]
*I have witnessed the youth of each successive generation since the 1960s fall victim to criticism and berating for adopting attitudes that seemed counter to our nation’s constitutional and Christian roots, as if it was at their conjuring and they alone were responsible for it, when in fact, as Verna Hall indicates, even she in her youth, was tempted by new ideas of the time, socialist though they were. The truth is there have been forces conspiring against individual and national freedom - religious, economical and political - since at least, 1776; even before the Declaration of Independence was adopted in July of that same year.

**Interesting that as Verna Hall began her search for the truth of America’s history she, like Don Harkins, author of Slavery and the 8 Veils, recognized how truth had been hidden or veiled.

William Guy Carr (1895-1959), author of ten books, turned twenty-five the year Verna Hall was born, and already at this time, had been aware that America seemed to be going in a wrong direction. While both seemed to understand that what they were witnessing was somehow related to a turning away from or rejection of our Christian heritage, Verna Hall was unable to see that it was deliberate and by design.

Verna M. Hall and Rosalie J. Slater identified as the cause what was in actuality, proven by William Guy Carr, the result:

“The more thoroughly a nation deals with its history, the more decidedly will it recognize and own an over-ruling Providence therein, and the more religious a nation will it become; while the more superficially it deals with its history, seeing only secondary causes and human agencies, the more irreligious will it be.” [Rev. A.W. Foljambe, January 5, 1876]

“America’s Christian history has not been taught in Christian schools and colleges for over one hundred years. This fact has contributed to the rise of secularism – the “irreligious” spirit – more than any other single educational factor. With few exceptions Christian institutions teach a secular interpretation of history – not the Providential approach referred to by the Reverend Foljambe in the quotation above. As Americans and as Christians have moved away from the teaching of history from its original sources they have accepted the interpretations of those who deal with history “seeing only secondary causes and human agencies.” The result has been our separation of history from God as the Author of History. Ignorance, then, is our enemy – ignorance of the Hand of God in American history.”[4]

Again, the failure of these ladies was to understand that Good and Evil exist together on the Earth; that ignorance of the “irreligious spirit” is our true enemy – ignorance of the hand of Satan in American history:

“Internationalism, regardless of whether it be Communistic or Capitalistic is diametrically opposed to God’s plan of creation. God, the Creator, quite obviously intended that the world should be broken up into many nationalities. He made the people of the various nationalities speak different languages. God evidently planned that races and nationalities should enjoy autonomy and should remain separate, except that all members of the human race should be united as brethren under the benevolence of God the Father.

“If unity of all people under the Fatherhood of God is the plan and purpose of the Creator then it is obviously the plan of Satan to prevent the Rule on earth of Christ as King. This being pure logic, it is obvious that the Devil inspired his agents on this earth to work to establish Internationalism as opposed to Nationalism; The Devil’s agents advocate dictatorships as opposed to constitutional governments.”[5]

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