As one learns and comes to understand the problem, it becomes clear that the obvious answers one has been taught are not really the solution. When one understands that the government is (I was going to say, "out of control") under control and no longer subject to the will of the people being governed, then mere elections - changing of the guard from red to blue, ass to elephant - will solve nothing.

To charge the ramparts with weapons of mass destruction is also not the fix for their weapons are more: plentiful, powerful and deadly. Death and destruction is not the desired outcome, at least not for humans with a soul, who worship Creator God.

When you have considered the nature of the beast; when you understand what end the means are to achieve, the solution shines as a light through the darkness.

Much of God's Law is given in the negative, but is actually achieved in the positive.

Just as the kingdom of God is achieved through His Law, so is Satan's kingdom achieved in the inverse of God's Law: not the negative or positive, but the opposite.

Creator God, our Heavenly Father:
[my paraphrase] I have made you free, and if you would enjoy the abundance of the beauty and bounty I have provided for you, and wish to express your appreciation and gratitude for what you have, 1)thank me and honour me as the creator/author/giver of ALL that you have; 2)considering all humans as brethren, your equals - none greater, none lesser -  first, do no harm to another or his property: do not covet what you do not own, do not lie, do not steal, and do not kill; and second, remember that all exchanges with another must remain voluntary, without threat of force or use of violence; 3)know that humans constitute wealth: resources are assets but without humans they are worthless, therefore, with the labour of your hands provide honestly and honourably for you and yours and let no human deceive you into relinquishing your freedom or wealth; 4)be generous with your fellow humans: with your compassion and care, with your mercy and grace, with the fruits of your labour; 5)allow time for rest, for relaxation, for regeneration: time to thank and honour me for the abundance of beauty and bounty I have provided for you; time to enjoy recreation with family and friends; time to reflect on the work completed and the work still to be done; time to examine and assess your soul; time to seek counsel and wisdom of others.

Matt. v. 17. Do not think that I am teaching how to destroy the law. I am not teaching to destroy, but to fulfill.

Matt. v. 18. Verily I tell you, as long as heaven and earth stand, so long will every statute of the law stand before you, until it is fulfilled.

Matt. v. 19. So that if any one will regard as unnecessary even one of these few rules and will teach men so, he will be the least in the kingdom of God. But he who will do and teach will be the greatest in the kingdom of God.

Matt. v. 20. I tell you in advance that if your fulfillment will be such as is the fulfillment of the scribes and the Pharisees [Synagogue of Satan; those who say they are Jews, but are not, and do lie; false teachers of false doctrines], you will in no case enter into the kingdom of God.

First Commandment: THOU SHALT NOT BE ANGRY
Matt. v. 21-26

Matt. v. 27-30

Third Commandment: THOU SHALT NOT SWEAR [allegiance, make an oath or promise]
Matt. v. 33-37

Matt. v. 38-42; Lu vi. 37; Matt. vii. 2-5; Lu vi. 39-44; Matt. xii. 35; Matt. vii. 6, 15; Matt. xii. 34, 36-37.

Matt. v. 43-45; Lu vi. 32-33; Matt. v. 48; Matt. vii. 12.

Matt. v - vii.
William Guy Carr:
First: we must, as individuals, recognize the spiritual issues involved. Once again the Scriptures advise us how to accomplish this purpose. Ephesians 6th chapter 10th to 17th verses tells us: "Brethren be strengthened in the Lord and in the whole of His power. Put on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and the Powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high. Therefore take up the armour of God that you may be able to resist the evil day, and stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with TRUTH, and having put on the breast-plate of justice, and having your feet shod with the readiness of the Gospel of peace, in all things taking up the shield of Faith, with which you may be able to quench all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, that is, THE WORD OF GOD.

Second: we must take practical steps and use constitutional means to counteract the threat of both international Communism and international capitalism, and any other subversive ideologies which may try to destroy TRUE Christian government. In order to carry out the mandate in the above Gospel we must do the following things:
A. Demand monetary reforms: Because selfishness and greed, and the desire for power, are the roots from which all evil grows, it is only logical that constitutional means be instituted to take away the wealth, and curb the powers, of the leaders of all atheistic-materialistic groups who, int he first place, usurped it from the governments of the people. This being the TRUTH, the tax-payers have a legal right to demand that their elected governments redress the wrongs committed against them; put an end to all forms of usury; and reimburse their treasury departments to the extent of the loans floated during the last century to fight wars fomented to further the interests of those who loaned the money and charged interest on these loans. If this advice is followed the proletariat will have restored true democracy and the Soviet and Chinese dictators would have no excuse to disguise their imperialistic ambitions under the cloak of anti-capitalism.
B. Monetary controls: The electors must insist that the issue of money, and the control thereof, be placed back in the hands of the government where it rightfully belongs. By government is meant the top-level executive body chosen from the elected representatives because of their qualifications to conduct the affairs of the nation in an efficient and business-like manner, basing their decisions on justice and Christian charity.
C.Punitive action: The electorate can justifiably demand that heavy penalties be imposed on all those found guilty of corruption and graft because these two evil practices are the principal means used by the agents of all revolutionary organizations to subvert, or force, others into doing their will. All subversive organizations must be outlawed and all people, proved to be members, must be made liable to punishment provided by the law. Those who advocate the violent overthrow of constitutional government do so in order that they may usurp wealth and power without having to work for it. Their punishment should therefore consist of performing manual labour and/or public services. Their hours should be extended 25 per cent below the union rates. The period of their detention should be decided by the way they improve from their negative attitude towards society and religion.
D. Diplomatic negotiations: Because the agents of the international conspracy always work behind the scenes of government, and always use SECRET meetings and diplomacy to further their own plans and ambitions, secret negotiation should not be allowed under any circumstances. If government is to be "Of the people; by the people; for the people"; then the people have every right to knwo every detail of what is going on.
E. Christian Crusade: Laymen of all Christian denominations should unite in the Name of God to put an end to bigotry and misunderstanding which enables anti-Christian ideologies to keep Christians divided and at logger-heads. The house divided within itself must fall. The Crusade should be organized for the purpose of educating the public in regard to the methods used by those who direct atheistic-materialistic ideologies. Special attention should be given to interesting the youth of our nations in the movement in order that they may be protected from the subversive actions of the agents of the conspirators. The Crusaders should be trained to take a POSITIVE approach when dealing with those who have joined subversive organizations either willingly or because of ignorance. To abuse, to knock, and condemn persons only increases their resistance and makes them more anti-social.

By first gaining their confidence the Crusader is in position to prove to them that the heads of all atheistic-materialistic ideologies only use others as "Pawns in the Game" to further their secret plans and ambitions. Once a person is convinced he or she will be thrown into the discard just as soon as the directors of their movement consider they have outgrown their usefulness, this will hurt their pride and cause them to reflect upon the wisdom of their behaviour. Having once created doubt in their minds it is then possible to convince them by supplying them with suitable literature on the subject. It was to supply this need that "Pawns in the Game" was published. A religious revival amongst the members of all Christian denominations is essential in order to change men's thinking in regard to the values and importance they place on worldly possessions. The hearts of men must be turned towards love of Almighty God. We must learn once again to take a real delight in rendering Him service and in performing His Holy Will.
F. The United Nations is the Trojan Horse of the International Conspiracy and the spearhead of the World Revolutionary Movement. Alger Hiss, Soviet espionage agent and convicted perjurer, wrote most of the U.N. charter. The chief of the World Police Force (Secretary of the U.N. Security Council) has always been a Russian Communist (Arkady S. Sobelov 1946-1949;Konstantine Zinchenko 1950-1953; Ilya Tchernyshev 1953-1957; A. Dobrynin 1957-1960; Georgy P. Arkadev 1960-1962; Eugeny D. Kiselev 1962-ed.). The Deputy Director in charge of the entire UNESCO Department of Education (Vladimir Marlmovsky) as well as the Chief of Secondary Education For UNESCO (Mrs. A. Jegalova) are Russian Communists. The President, Vice President and nine judges of the World Court are Reds. These and many more facts about the U.N. must be brought before the public.
G. Illegal traffic and trade: Because the subversive 5th columns, and undergrounds, are organized, hidden, and subsist in the underworlds of large cities, and because no revolutionary effort can hope to succeed without the full co-operation of a well organized, properly trained, fully equipped, and well disciplined 5th column, or underground organization, it is necessary that public opinion be organized to demand that all those engaged in illegal traffic and trade, or criminally connected with the underworld, shall be arrested and brought to trial regardless of what their political affiliations may be, or what position they hold in society. The public must be organized to give support to all honest police officers and law administrators. Public opinion expressed on the floor of the Houses of Parliament must insist that the underworlds be CLEANED up, and not just raided and scattered. The policy of raiding and scattering the underworld characters has only resulted in creating a hundred dens of iniquity where only one existed before. Those convicted should be treated as recommended in subsection "C".
H. Publicity: Christian laymen must be organized to counteract the propaganda of those who advocate internationalism and the atheistic-materialistic ideologies. Local branches should be organized to insist that subversive propaganda be eliminated from the press, the air, and T.V. programmes. They should demand that time and space be made available so constitutional government may be presented to the people. It is unfortunately TRUE that it is several centuries since Christian government functioned properly.
J. Defeatism: Every effort must be made to counteract the efforts of those who preach defeatism. They usually argue that there is nothing that can be done to correct the existing conditions. They suggest that since the pending fate is inevitable it is no use worrying. The attitude of the Defeatist is like that of the professional rapist who advises his intended victim that, because her fate is inevitable, she might as well relax and enjoy it. Those who claim there is nothing we can do to escape totalitarianism ignore the fact that God exists and is interested in the destiny of man. People who get discouraged must be reminded that the only way they can save their immortal souls is to keep on fighting against the Forces of Evil, thus giving service to God. They must be made to realize that they won't be judged according to their achievements and victories, but solely on the merits of the effort they put into the Crusade.
K. Brotherly Love: Because God has provided mankind with all he requires for this earthly existence there is no logical reason why some of his creatures should live in opulence while others starve to death. The theories of the new economists should be tried out to devise better methods for the more equitable distribution of the necessities of life. Once these have been assured to all human beings it will be a comparatively simple matter to persuade those who have too much to share it with those who have decidedly less and a greater need. To share what we have with others in need provides the greatest happiness it is possible to enjoy on this earth. By living in accordance with the plan of God, economic conditions would improve to such an extent that the establishment of homes, and the raising of families could be undertaken in reasonable security. Conditions of "Fear" and "Uncertainty" would be abolished.
L. Military Preparedness: Military preparedness is absolutely necessary just as long as the conditions exposed in this book are allowed to continue. Everyone who accepts the hospitality of a country, and enjoys the privileges of citizenship, should be prepared to defend that country from aggressors, be they external foes or the enemy within. The only justification for fighting a war is to prevent subjugation by the enemy on the rational argument that as long as we have some resemblance of freedom left there is still hope that we can overcome the forces of evil and re-establish true Christian republics.
M. Internal Security: The best way to strengthen the internal security of any nation is to build up a strong and efficient Civil Defence organization. To permit of rapid development Civil Defence should be made part and parcel of the national internal security system. As such, it should be a Federal project and responsibility. This suggestion is particularly applicable to Canada because the Minister of Justice, supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is charged with the responsibility for the nation's internal security.

Civil Defence is the organizing and training of the civilian popullation into auxiliary units to augment the regular departments which render public service during normal conditions. Civil Defence workers are trained how to protect themselves, and the communities in which they live, in the event of attack by an enemy. Because our only potential enemies use their 5th Column and underground organizations to throw the constituted government by revolutionary action, and subjugate the population by means of terrorism, ti stands to common sense that Civil Defence should be organized as a counter-revolutionary organization. The Civil Defence special police, and intelligence units, should therefore be trained under the supervision of the R.C.M.P. so they could co-operate with them to ensure our internal security during any emergency.
N. Action. There is no time to lose: In reading [Pawns in the Game] you have faced the challenge and your response to the action outlined, undertaken with a strong faith in God, will determine the future of humanity and bring about the overthrow of the forces of evil which plot to destroy our Christian democratic way of life. The task is not beyond our capabilities. We must remember that the Devil's important nucleus of evil in this world at the present time is centered in no more than about three hundred master-minds.
O. Faith, Hope and Charity: We must never forget that the Christian religion is based on Faith, Hope and Charity, while all atheistic ideologies are based on doubt, hatred, and despair. Almighty God has permitted us to GRADUALLY solve many of the mysteries of NATURE in order that we would use rather than abuse these extraordinary benefits. We can now use or misuse atomic energy. If we allow it to be misused the powers of evil will undoubtedly kill of one half the human race and cripple most of the others. We can rest assured that amongst those who survive will be the agents of the powers of evil.

Almighty God has provided the human race with all we need to live. He has provided for our comfort and reasonable pleasures. It is our duty to see that all members of the human race share equally in the bounties and blessing provided by Almighty God. There should never be a time when the granaries of the western world are bursting at the seams, while the people of the Far East are dying by the millions from starvation. We must share freely and generously with others what we have above our own requirements, because it certain we cannot take anything with us when we die.

Christopher Bollyn:[1]

Would I inflict violence or torture on them?

No. I would not because I don't use violence. I see violence and torture as uncivilized and un-Christian.

Is violence an answer to any of the problems that plague the police?

No. I do not support violence as a solution and never have.

Violence does not solve anything and only results in more pain and suffering.

While I certainly agree with the need to remove the sources of corruption of our financial, political, and judicial systems, I completely disagree with the notion that violence is the solution to the problem.

It is counter-productive, extremely foolish, and irresponsible

I can not associate myself with people who are seen as supporting violence. It is that simple.

It is against my nature to promote violence. Furthermore, it is extremely unwise and counter-productive to do so.

Has violence solved anything in Palestine and Iraq? Has violence advanced any peace anywhere - ever? Have the Israelis achieved anything with all their killing and weapons? Has the American and British use of force in Iraq brought democracy, peace, or prosperity to that beleagured nation?

No, no, no.

Armed resistance, on the other hand, such as that of the Hezbollah in south Lebanon, is the legally and morally justified resistance to an armed invasion. The Intifadah of Palestine is fully justified as the legal resistance to the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. These resistance movements are defensive, essential, and legal and I certainly would not condemn them. 

Carl Watner - A Way Out: Victory Without Violence
"My choice is not simply between acting cowardly or acting violently...The type of nonviolence I am talking about is the nonviolence of the brave. It requires consistency and adherence in the most dangerous situations. It requires resourcefulness, the use of intellect, and creativity. This type of nonviolence comes from strength not weakness, and depends on the inner spirit and will."

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