NWO Overview


  • World made up of Nation States from about 1910-1970
  • Globalization knocked down independent businesses within countries
  • Consolidated "needs" 
  • Consolidated businesses down to just a few of each type to meet "needs"
  • National companies now going transnational through mergers
All of the above represent the changes implemented to create a Global Corporate Structure.

Goal now is to dismantle Globalization and shrink the world into a need for a Global Financial and Global Political system to augment the Global Corporate Structure: One World Government.  [Ideas distilled from conversation of Adrian Salbuchi, discussing current events, with French Connection Radio Show Host, Daryl Bradford Smith.]

Nesta Webster:
Reduced to a simple formula the aims of the Illuminati may be summarized in the following six points :
      1. Abolition of Monarchy and all ordered Government.
      2. Abolition of private property,
      3. Abolition of inheritance.
      4. Abolition of patriotism.
      5. Abolition of the family {i.e. of marriage and all
      morality, and the institution of the communal
      education of children).
      6. Abolition of all religion.


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