No more Political Parties in the USA

No More Democrats!
No More Republicans! 
No more Tea Parties !
No more Green Parties!
No more Libertarian Party! 
No more Peace Party! 
No more Freedom Party!

All of these parties must go!!! They have been taken over by big business or will be taken over like the Republicans and Democratic parties have been.
  • Vote for individuals, not a party, on the local and national level. Make a commitment to NOT vote for a PARTY in the next election. 
  • Do your research and vote for an INDIVIDUAL  who you really believe in that shares your views and can get the job done. 
  • Don't go back and say "Oh I like my congressman or congresswoman...they're not like all of the democrats or republicans."
  • Don't go and vote for Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich saying, "Oh these guys are good and are not like the others." They both have taken money from big business and are tainted. The only way for this country to get out of the strangle hold created by big business and international banking interest is to get rid of the whole political party system. We need new ideas and leaders to turn this country around. 
  • Take a pledge and do not vote in the next election for someone affiliated with any party. There is no reason for someone running for any office, from local Sheriff to President of US, to have a large war chest to run a campaign. In fact, the less money some one has, YOU support more. 
  • Don't vote for anyone you see on TV or the Radio. Don't vote for anyone on any radio talk shows; the local news; national news TV(CNN, MSNBC,FOX,CBN,NPR,PBS,)...newspapers of all these media outputs have been taken over by big business. There is no need for a Candidate to use these outputs to get there message out. They have the internet to get there message out. They can build a website or just have a facebook, tweeter page or other social media to get their message out. Debates which are very important to the political process can be done via live webcasts on Skype or Youtube. Candidates can do meet ups groups in person. It's always good to look another human being in the eyes and have them give you answers that you may like or dislike but at least you are face to face with them and they're not reading a teleprompter. 
My fellow Voting Americans, we have the opportunity to really make our vote count. Please pass this page on and let's make this happen. "The Party is Over ", It's time to get back to work. There is more to iron out about this movement, your ideas are welcome. Please pass this on to all of your friends and lets get this going. Thank You

Every time I get someone's ear I tell them about the Trivium and about [gnosticmedia.com] and give them one of the solutions to a new system: “The Party is Over”. 

People look at me with a blank stare [or] with awe and say they agree with “The Party is Over” but it will never happen. I’m in the same boat as you. I believe it will happen. It will happen soon. 

The problem is it does take a long time for the process. Looking at my own process of finding Gnostic Media then listening to your podcast about the Trivium& also listening [to the] Peace Revolution Podcast have sped up the process. Next step is getting the people to believe as George has said, “We’ve been Had”... Lied to all of these years. 

Keep up the good work. This podcast has helped me tremendously.