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This page is dedicated to disproving all you "tinfoil hat" comment posting sock-puppets, trolls, and e-bastards. Herein you will find the most complete directory of Weather Modification related companies, associations, scientific papers, and links on the internet. I am also providing a Google Earth KMZ freely to the world. Tons of work went into this, so feel free to mirror and share it, just please leave the link to my website. The Google Earth KMZ file below contains many possible global climate modification devices. Inform yourself, inform your neighbors.
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    Associations & Corporations

    The Weather Modification Association (WMA)

    Association: Weather Modification Association (WMA)
    Members: Full Corporate Roster

    Texas Weather Modification Association (TWMA)

    Website: www.texasweathermodification.com
    Video: Texas Weather Modification Advisory Committee - August 25, 2011
    Video: Weather Modification in Texas Admitted As Recent as Aug, 2011
    History: www.texasweathermodification.com/History.html

    Association: TWMA - West Texas Weather Modification Association
    Association: TWMA - Southwest Texas Rain Enhancement Association
    Association: TWMA - South Texas Weather Modification Association
    Association: TWMA - Panhandle GCD Precipitation Enhancement Program
    Association: TWMA - Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research (SOAR)
    Association: TWMA - (SOAR) old website - www.sandylandwater.com

    Other Companies and Associations

    Company: Aquiess / Drake International - Global Rain Project
    Company: 3D s.a. General Aviation Applications
    Institute: Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology CAIPEEX
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - LaJunta County Municipal Air
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - CEO Col. David Kutchinski
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - US Air Force
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, N.E.C.
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - Energy and Utilities industry
    Military: SciBlue Inc. - "Using the rivers of the Troposphere" by Kutchinski
    Military: WMA - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


    Company: Deepwater Chemicals (Iodine Provider)
    Company: Ice Crystal Engineering LLC (seeding supplies)
    Company: Droplet Measurement Technologies
    Company: Advanced Radar Corp (applications related to cloud seeding)
    Company: Electronic Systems Developement CC
    Company: Aurora Flight Sciences
    Institute: Desert Research Institute
    Company: Hydro-Tasmania

    TWMA Projects Map: Weather Modification Association Project Locations Map

    NOAA Spreadsheets Listing Ongoing Weather Modification Programs in the United States

    PDF: 450WV 2011 NOAA Interim Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 11WXMOD5 as of July 7, 2011.pdf
    PDF: 450WV 2010 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 10WXMOD5.pdf
    PDF: 450WV 2009 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 09WXMOD5.pdf
    PDF: 450WV 2008 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 08WXMOD5.pdf
    PDF: 450VW 2006 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 06WXMOD5.pdf
    PDF: 450VW 2005 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 05WXMOD5.pdf
    PDF: 450VW 2004 NOAA Final Listing of Weather Modification Programs Spreadsheet 04WXMOD5.pdf

    U.S. Air Force Sprays Oil Dispersant

    Studies and Papers

    PDF: Weather Modification: The Evolution of an R&D Program into a Military Operation
    PDF: The Evolution of the Air Force Aerial Spray Capability (.MIL)
    PDF: Fifth Annual Survey Report - Air Weather Service WEA Modification Program 1972 (.MIL)
    PDF: USAF - 44 aerial spray sorties, they treated more than 2.8 million acres, using 13,775 gallons of insecticide, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
    PDF: Aquiess RAINAID - African Drought Relief using Electromagnetic Cloud Shifting
    PDF: (American Meteorological Society) Critical Assessment of Hygroscopic Seeding of Convective Clouds for Rainfall Enhancement
    PDF: (American Meteorological Society) Results of the South African Cloud-Seeding Experiments Using Hygroscopic Flares
    PDF: (WMA) Environmental Impact of Using Silver Iodide as a Cloud Seeding Agent
    PDF: (TWMA) Annual Evaluation Report 2010 Texas Cloud Seeding Project Results
    PDF: Geo-Engineering Cost Analysis - Aurora Flight Sciences
    PDF: Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research (Brief) - NRC BASC
    PDF: Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment (CAIPEEX) Over India

    Weather Modification Patents

    1891 PDF: 0462795 - Method of Producing Rain-Fall
    1914 PDF: 1103490 - Rain Maker (balloon images)
    1924 PDF: 1512783 - Composition for dispelling fogs
    1933 PDF: 1928963 - Electrical system and method (for spraying chemtrails)
    1936 PDF: 2052626 - Method of dispelling fog (MIT)
    1937 PDF: 2068987 - Process of dissipating fog
    1939 PDF: 2160900 - Method for vapor clearing
    1941 PDF: 2232728 - Method and composition for dispelling vapors
    1941 PDF: 2257360 - Desensitized pentaerythritol tetranitrate explosive
    1950 PDF: 2527230 - Method of crystal formation and precipitation
    1951 PDF: 2550324 - Process for controlling weather
    1951 PDF: 2570867 - Method of crystal formation and precipitation (GENERAL ELECTRIC)
    1958 PDF: 2835530 - Process for the condensation of atmospheric humidity and dissolution of fog
    1959 PDF: 2903188 - Control of tropical cyclone formation
    1960 PDF: 2962450 - Fog dispelling composition (SEE REFERENCES)
    1962 PDF: 3044911 - Propellant system
    1962 PDF: 3056556 - Method of artificially influencing the weather
    1964 PDF: 3120459 - Composite incendiary powder containing metal coated oxidizing salts
    1964 PDF: 3127107 - Generation of Ice-Nucleating Crystals
    1966 PDF: 3257801 - Pyrotechnic composition comprising solid oxidizer, boron and aluminum additive and binder
    1969 PDF: 3430533 - Aircraft Dispensor Pod Having Self-Sealing Ejection Tubes
    1969 PDF: 3441214 - Method and Apparatus for Seeding Clouds
    1970 PDF: 3517512 - Apparatus for Suppressing Contrails
    1970 PDF: 3534906 - Control of Atmospheric Particles (DOW CHEMICAL CO)
    1971 PDF: 3608810 - Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions
    1971 PDF: 3613992 - Weather Modification Method
    1971 PDF: 3630950 - Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
    1972 PDF: 3647710 - Method for Dispersing Fog with Phosphate Salt Compositions
    1972 PDF: 3653383 - Algin Sponge and Process Therefor
    1972 PDF: 3659785 - Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material (GROSS)
    1972 PDF: 3690552 - Fog Dispersal
    1974 PDF: 3784099 - Air Pollution Control Method
    1974 PDF: 3785557 - Cloud Seeding System
    1975 PDF: 3896993 - Process for local modification of the structure of fog and clouds for triggering their precipitation and for hindering the development of hail producing clouds
    1975 PDF: 3902934 - Gas generating compositions
    1976 PDF: 3940059 - Method of fog dispersion
    1977 PDF: RE29142 - Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
    1978 PDF: 4096005 - Pyrotechnic cloud seeding composition
    1978 PDF: 4111911 - Method of hardening liquid resols
    1979 PDF: 4141274 - Weather modification automatic cartridge dispenser
    1981 PDF: 4269637 - High-performance MHD solid gas generator
    1983 PDF: 4373391 - Relative humidity sensitive material
    1986 PDF: 4600147 - Liquid propane generator for cloud seeding apparatus
    1987 PDF: 4653690 - Method of producing cumulus clouds
    1992 PDF: 5174498 - Cloud seeding
    1992 PDF: 5357865 - Method of cloud seeding
    1995 PDF: 5441200 - Tropical cyclone disruption (HURRICANES!)
    2001 PDF: 6315213 - Method of Modifying the Weather

    Weather Modification Laws

    Source: 1977 - ENMOD - Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

    Source: 2001 - H.R.2977 Space Preservation Act - Library of Congress

    Short History of the Space Preservation Act - Wikipedia

    Dennis Kucinich introduced the first Space Preservation Act, on October 2, 2001, with no cosponsors. The bill was designed to "preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind." The bill was referred to the House Science, the House Armed Services, and the House International Relations committees. The bill DIED in committee (April 9, 2002) because of an unfavorable executive comment received from the Department of Defense.

    Source: 2006 - Weather Modification Law in the USA

    Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

    Weather Modification and Control - Agriculture Code
    Texas Weather Modification Law
    Texas Weather Modification Rules

    Chemtrails - Cloud Seeding

    Glaciogenic Seeding - Chemtrail - Cloud Seeding

    In a (NON-MILITARY) cloud top seeding mission, an aircraft releases Silver Iodide flares (1), supercooled liquid water is converted into ice particles (2), releasing latent heat, increasing buoyancy, and invigorating cloud updrafts (3).

    Reported side effects of chemtrail spraying include:

    Allergies, sore and blocked sinuses; Dry, hacking, persistent cough; Nosebleeds, blood in mucous; Swollen, burning, teary eyes with mucous; Flu-like, fever, sore throat; Pneumonia, upper respiratory; Mycoplasma infections; Migraine or splitting headaches; Pain in back of neck, particularly at the top of the spine, extremely stiff neck; Disorientation, foggy brain, sudden dizziness; Extreme fatigue, lethargy, inability to concentrate; Loud ringing in your ears; Depression, anxiety attacks; Gastrointestinal distress, bloating; Diarrhoea, bloody stools; joint pain, Aching joints and muscles; Thirst (your pets, too) or loss of appetite; Loss of bladder control, tics or spasms; Recurring fungal infections; Metallic, oily or corrosive smell and taste

    Use of T.I.T.A.N. (Thunderstorm Identification Tracking Analysis and Nowcasting) in cloud seeding operations
    TITAN Website
    Download TITAN for LINUX

    NEXRAD & NOAA: the Doppler Weather Modification Method

    Official NOAA Video: NEXRAD: Eye to the Sky
    NOAA Website: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Evidence of Electromagnetic Radiation used to Modify Weather Patterns

    Video: Nexrad & HAARP: Undeniable Weather Control Connection
    Video: Nexrad Ring Evidence: Nationwide Weather Manipulation
    Video: How Nexrad HAARP Works: Turning Natural Storms into Biblical Floods

    Live Updates on NEXRAD Weather Modification HERE:

    Blog: www.dutchsinse.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/dutchsinse
    Twitter: twitter.com/WarOnErrorDKos
    Videos: www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse
    Videos: www.youtube.com/user/WaronErrorDKos
    Videos: www.youtube.com/user/weatherwar101
    Videos: www.youtube.com/user/beauradleyJEDi

    Weather Modification Links:

    Video: Rosalind Peterson: Weather Hedge Funds
    Video: Aussie Government: millions spent on rain technology b4 record breaking floods
    Video: The girl who silenced the world at the U.N. for 5 minutes
    Video: Weather Wars: The Multi-Billion Dollar Business of Weather Forecasting
    Video: Weather Wars: Death From Above - Alex Jones Tv
    Video: Weather Wars Documentary Promo

    AMAZING!: Agriculture Defense Coalition
    History: US Law Weather Modification Experimenting - scribd.com
    FAQ: Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions - Rense.com
    FAQ: Chemtrails or Contrails | 13 Frequently Aired Criticisms
    FAQ: Chemtrail Central FAQ
    Database: Weather Wars.info
    Organization: The Carnicom Institute
    Database: Chemtrail Central:
    Database: Chemtrails DataPage - Rense.com
    Photos: Chemtrails - spraying in our sky - Holmestead.ca:
    Links: ChemTrails in the Sky of Manitoba
    Forum: Chemtrail Tracking USA
    Forum: Rick's Gardening Tips

    Chemtrails in Media

    Wiki: Agent Orange - American Chemtrails over Vietnam
    Video: KSLA news confirms Chemtrails
    Video: Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV
    Video: Weatherman admits Military Dumping Chemtrails

    Other Links

    WHAT IS HAARP? Read all about it, Click Here.