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Here is an example of how the seemingly isolated research areas of several, when brought together, tell an unexpected story.

Edwin Black makes a strong case, providing evidence that “[c]ustom-designed, IBM-produced punch cards, sorted by IBM machines leased to the Nazis, helped organize and manage the initial identification and social expulsion of Jews and others, the confiscation of their property, their ghettoization, their deportation, and, ultimately, even their extermination.”[1]

I am not convinced that Edwin Black is a student of conspiracy history. Rather, I think his interest stems from the fact that his parents are Jewish Holocaust survivors which is offensive and outrageous in itself and worthy of continual investigation and truth-searching.

What I found interesting was that when you take his story along with the story of William Guy Carr, the picture comes into sharper focus.

This excerpt from Pawns in the Game, written by Carr in 1955, seems to provide the method, while Edwin Black’s book, IBM and the Holocaust, published February 2001, provides the means:[2]

“The whole world should have known of the Moscow directed plot against Spain* because the final orders were intercepted while being passed by the Comintern to the leaders of the revolutionary movement in Spain. The documents were given to the Echo de Paris which published them in April 1936. The Echo de Paris article reads:
These instructions to the heads of the Spanish Red Militia. . .do not emanate from a Spanish Central Organization, but from the Technical Services in Paris, which sent them to Spain at that date. These Technical Services are those of the French Communist party, working in close co-operation with the Comintern, and its delegates in France. The document, which we are publishing, is in the hands of the government; we were not the parties who communicated it to them. We are convinced that M. Daladier, Minister of War and Defence, has given orders for preventive measures of defence, and protection, to be taken.
The abbreviated text is as follows:
1.       Reinforce shock troops and guards in barracks, and supply them with automatic pistols. These shock troops and guards are members of the Communist party serving in the permanent forces and reserves.
2.       These troops will be placed in communication with the Groups who are to break into the barracks. The latter will be in uniform, and under the orders of our officers in whom we have complete confidence.
3.       When the fight starts our officers will be given admittance with their groups secretly. They will contact the respective committees and carry out the pre-arranged plan of attack inside the barracks.
4.       The provisional committees, in the barracks, shall renew every two days their lists of enemies, neutrals, sympathizers, and experts. When the barracks have been taken over, those classed as enemies, including in particular all commanders and officers, shall be rapidly eliminated, and without hesitation.
5.       Each member of the committees shall be provided with a list of the names of individuals who are to be murdered by himself personally.
6.       After the enemies have been disposed of, neutrals shall be subjected to severe tests in order to kill in them any hesitation habitual in such undecided characters.
7.       The committees handling the neutrals will make the necessary arrangements for the vigilance groups outside to enter the barracks on the pretext of assisting to put down the rebellion.
8.       This has little importance.
9.       Those detailed to liquidate generals on the active list shall consist of ten men with revolvers. The generals have two adjutants, and a secretary, who must be murdered in their own homes. Those detailed to perform these killings shall not withdraw in face of any obstacle or opposition, and they shall eliminate anyone who opposes them regardless of sex or age.
10.   Those detailed to eliminate generals not holding command shall consist of three men groups and shall carry out their duties as outlined in preceding paragraph.
11.   and 12. Details how houses and sites, in strategic positions, must be procured by Communist militants, and secretly armed and fortified in order to ambush troops who may succeed in escaping from barracks. The instructions read: “As military officers have protected cars, groups of our militants must proceed to strategic points such as cross-roads, in cars and trucks; armed with machine guns so as to prevent help reaching those inside the cities. Lorries shall carry supplies of grenades.”
       13.   Our militants shall quickly put on the uniform previously obtained and they shall be served with  rifles.
14.   When the rebellion breaks out our militant groups, wearing uniforms of the Civil Guards and of the Assault Guard, and equipment already prepared for them, shall arrest all heads of all political parties under pretext of the necessity of doing so for their personal protection. Once in custody the procedure for the elimination of generals not holding command shall be carried out. Uniformed groups shall also arrest and detain important capitalists whose names appear in appendix “B” of Circular No. 32.
15.   Violence shall not be used against these capitalists except if they resist; they shall however be forced to hand over the balance of the current accounts at the banks, and their securities. In the event of concealment they shall be completely eliminated, including their families without exception. It is desirable that Cells shall be worked in on their staffs as domestics, or mechanics, as they can be very useful.[i]
16.   Can be skipped.
17.   With regard to members of the armed forces who claim to be sympathizers, the same tactics shall be followed as was done in Russia. First use their services and then eliminate them as enemies. For our effort to be successful, and permanent, a neutral officer or man is better than one who has betrayed his uniform because his life was in danger. It is likely he would betray us also if provided with the opportunity.
18.   Instructions to our militia regarding mobilization, movements of transportation, use of arms, and marksmanship, must be intensified.[ii]
19.   Militia posted at cross roads must eliminate all defeated troops trying to escape.
20.   Machine gun posts shall be located in premises which cover the front and rear of all armouries, police stations, and fire halls and all approaches to, and exits from, the cities, and if, in spite of this, the enemy are able to get out, they shall be attacked with hand-grenades.
21.   Other militia shall be placed in armoured lorries in strategical positions within the cities not more than one kilometer apart; they also shall be armed with machine guns.
22.   Liaison shall be by light cars, and cyclists, who shall be armed with revolvers.
23.   Is of no special importance.
24.   The most intimate details concerning the lives and characters of all neutrals and sympathizers must be obtained and carefully recorded, including their family requirements, and the influence which love of their children, and desire for these necessary requirements, may exercise over them. If any of our militia, or any of the neutrals and sympathizers show any kind of weakness, or resistance to orders, they must be denounced to the highest committee of the organization as being guilty of complicity and/or reaction.
25.   Our militia must be organized to work away from their own homes and localities because experience has taught us that at the last moment, through sentimentalism, men working in their own localities and amongst their families and friends, have failed to carry out our plan with proper enthusiasm.
26.   All owners of depots of goods and merchandise shall be regarded as important capitalists. These depots must be organized to serve the proletariat through the administrative groups.[iii]
27.   Deals with the question of using STARVATION as a means of reducing opposition quickly, and confirms what had been said regarding the use of this weapon in national disputes, and international warfare. It reads: “During the first week and until the constitution becomes normal, the supply of food and drink to the bourgeois is prohibited.”
28.   Reads – Stock of foods in barracks and in the hands of our enemies, which cannot be captured, must be rendered useless by mixing paraffin or other substances with them.
* While this list refers specifically to the Civil War in Spain in 1933, many of the suggested methods had already been used in the French and Russian Revolutions. One would probably not be wrong in assuming the same was eventually used in Germany to manage the unwanted segments of population there in 1939 and continuing on through World War II.

I think a thorough study of much of our technology would show that it is being used for its sinister abilities rather than its benefits, including technology of IBM, beginning with the Hollerith punch card system.

Also, Mr. Carr was insistent throughout his writing that the problem, as he understood it, was not a Jewish problem per se:
“It is equally absurd to contend Judaism is the root of all evil as it is to claim the “Protocols,” as exposed by Sergy Nilus (1905) and Victor Marsden (1921), are those of the “Learned Elders of Zion.” It is true many, far too many, Jews have been deceived into joining revolutionary organizations. But it is equally true that seven years after Lenin usurped absolute power in Russia, on behalf of the Synagogue of Satan, there wasn’t a single Jewish member of the First International who hadn’t been liquidated or imprisoned. We would also like to point out that a great number of real Jews today are not Zionists. They hate political Zionism because they can see clearly that it is designed to lead them to their own ultimate subjugation and destruction as a race. Lucifer is not concerned whether the souls he wins away from God are white or black, Gentiel or Jew. All are fish in his net. There are just as few real Jews in the Synagogue of Satan today as there were in the days of Jesus Christ.”[3]

[1] The Village Voice News, 26 MAR 2002,
[2] William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game, 1955; pp. 134-136
[3] William Guy Carr, SATAN, Prince of this World,  1959; p. 59
Below are the actual end notes taken from Pawns in the Game, pp. 134-136.

[i]  This order protected the bankers and capitalists who were working as agents of the Illuminati in exactly the same way in which similar orders protected the Rothschilds in the French revolution.
[ii] In 1946 the author reported to the proper authorities that .303 rifles had been imported into Canada as scrap; in the same manner Canada’s Cabinet Ministers permitted arms to be shipped to the Middle East as scrap in 1956.
[iii] This order also goes to show the Illuminati are the real leaders of a revolutionary effort. They are always in the top-levels of Governments, Society, Industry and the Armed Forces. The workers, the Mob, are simply the “Pawns in the Game.” They are used and then subdued. Prove this to them and the Communist plot will fail. Author.

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