Friday, December 21, 2012


The thinking offered in this series of articles may not suit everyone, perhaps not even me. However, remembering what Aritstotle said about an educated mind being one that can entertain a thought without accepting it, I think it is only right to at least look at what this author has to say and give fair consideration to the ideas being put forth.

I have only recently been introduced to the writings of John Lamb Lash (JLL) and often I do not know what to think of what I am reading. But, just as often I am intrigued by what I am reading. Or, there is a definite resonating between our two minds and the ideas contained therein. So, while I continue my study of this man and his ideas, because I found them of interest, I thought perhaps someone visiting here would also find them of interest. Feedback is welcomed.

Let's begin with John's article, TELESTICS 101: Socratic Deconstruction of Social Reality/ Practice with Visionary Intent/ Sophia's Correction, where he defines and explains the word telestics

Then, taking that knowledge and seeing how he applies it in this article: TELESTICS: The 911 Solution/From Deception to Liberation/The Unique Call to a Planetary Society.

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