Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Robert Says

I've been thinking of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs and noticing how the creeping "full spectrum" control of the population can be viewed as a similar hierarchy. It's just a way of getting ones head around it and the distinctions are somewhat arbitrary. If you wanted, using a systematic and scientific approach, to completely own human beings forever you would attack each component (need) of the human organism from the lowest evolutionary level to the highest:

1. Safety and Security
2. Food and Water
3. Shelter
4. Sexual Satisfaction and Procreation
5. Emotional Satisfaction
6. Community, Co-operation
7. Intellectual Functioning
8. Creativity
9. Sefl-Fulfilment/Spirituality/Self-Identification

You can easily think of institutional attacks happening at each of these levels, that destroy, cripple or divert each function. You participate in discussions about them all the time.

Self-ownership/sovereignty is a matter of taking control of each such aspect of ones being.

A straightforward (to see, not necessarily to do) way to do that is to look at the attacks and reverse them. Use their control system to see what a self-control system would be.

So for example, the jacking of the water and food supply is a method of attack (or a complex of methods) at level 2, and finding ways to have pure water and nutrient-packed, poison-free food is the remedy. One doesn't have to do it all at once but the model allows one to take each small step, deal with it and then the next thing and so on. As compared to just wandering confusedly or dashing about aimlessly.

Other examples of attacks: war is an attack at levels 1, 5 and 6. It hijacks those aspects of ones being. Team sport viewership, transmitted via television or in an arena, operates at level 5 and 6. Patriotism hijacks level 9. We "need" the state because of level 1, and gun prohibition is another attack at that level.

Then I thought about what we use for money, fiat currency, and it seems that it is unusual in that it infiltrates at all levels, as tendrils leading back to a puppet master. It passes through their system of banking and accounting and taxing and they can suck value out of it at their whim by inflation. The most enslaved people are thoroughly dependent on it at all levels. Reverse engineering the fiat currency attack means using media of exchange (which, along with a store of value, is all that money is) that is independent of the state, and then putting it in its place as just another tool and not some drug foisted on us that we need for everything. Silver coins are the most immediate and practical method. That in conjunction with barter networks and an agrarian lifestyle where people help others with building projects, vehicle maintenance, child-minding, bringing back the extended family, etc. Obviously, some things can be done right away, others might take years or a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

You're onto something here Robert. I've never thought about social control in relation to Maslow's hierarchy. I appreciate the concept, now I can go about self-liberation more systematically instead of "just wandering confusedly or dashing about aimlessly"