Friday, November 11, 2011

October 19, 2011 - ROGER (General Response) said:

For years I have researched why the world is the way it is. I began my quest for the truth at age 30 while working on a trading desk. It was obvious to me nothing was as it seemed.

An elderly gentleman at the firm overheard my questions and disgust about the way I saw things. He called me aside and asked me to read a book. The book was Tragedy & Hope. I read it, and since that time I have always been searching for truth. I found,as you have,that the truth is within. Everything outside of us is a reflection of our thoughts, we cannot change the outside without first changing our innermost thoughts.

I long ago gave up caring about the outside, money and material things mean nothing to me. I realized how worthless they truly are years ago as I became successful, the more money I had, the less I wanted things it could buy. I was the opposite of most, I found "success" in the worldly sense very unsatisfying. My wife and children and our happiness through a simple family lifestyle was what brought me joy.

When Lehman Brothers collapsed so did my business, but the material loss had no lasting impact on us. I had awakened to the fact that money was an illusion, a trap, many years ago and therefore never let it get its hold on me or my family. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to experience life and I always put Him first.

I gave up on organized religion many years ago also. Everything of this world is of men, my true home is with God. I look at our human body as a vehicle to experience this life. Our physical bodies are not who we are, sadly most have been tricked to believe our bodies are all we are. What a shame to fall into that trap.

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