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“The UsuryFree Resolution” -

  Honouring The 11th Anniversary!!

By Tom J. Kennedy aka Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

The UsuryFree Resolution was officially launched by The UsuryFree Network on May 13, 2001, at 13:13:13 - hours/minutes/seconds. The UsuryFree Network had been founded in the latter years of the 20th Century, as vehicle (a) to expose the design flaw of usury as the evil and immoral function on our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and (b) to promote the usuryfree community currency movement as our last, best hope to save ourselves (the debtors) from future financial enslavement.
Details of the launch of The UsuryFree Resolution are posted here. Some of the links may be broken and some of the information posted may be outdated, BUT the background information and the purpose of The UsuryFree Resolution is clearly explained and on May 13, 2012 - we are 11 years closer to experiencing the reality of UsuryFree Living than we were on May 13, 2001.
On May 13, 2012, we are honouring the 11th Anniversary of The UsuryFree Resolution, but we are not yet celebrating any heroic victory for usuryfree living, as debtors everywhere are still suffering severe, economic pain. The good news is that the usuryfree, time currency movement is slowly gaining momentum as more and more debtors awaken to the lies, deceits and deceptions being foisted upon them by the controllers of our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.
Indeed, it is the exacting of usury (interest) by creditors (the banking corporations), on loans and/or mortgages to debtors (individuals, families,  small to medium-sized businesses, major, trans-national corporations, provinces, states, cities, towns, municipalities and even countries) that causes devastation, destruction, poverty, scarcity, lack and even death - both locally and globally.
The evil and immoral impact of the function of usury (interest) on our orthodox, economic system of debt money has been causing havoc for debtors everywhere, simply because debtors cannot possibly survive financially in a rigged game - where there is a forever shortage of usury-based, debt money.
For lack of knowledge, debtors are agreeing to sign impossible contracts (promissory notes) when they apply for loans and/or mortgages from financial institutions. Unknown to most debtors, the creditors (banking corporations) are only issuing into circulation, the principal of any loan or mortgage when any loan or mortgage is granted to the debtor. The usury (interest) portion of any loan and/or mortgage is never created and issued into circulation by the creditor (the banking corporation) simultaneously with the principal portion of the loan or mortgage. 
Therefore, there is by design an ever-present shortage of money in this rigged game of financial chairs, whereby adult debtors are the willing players - who apparently have forgotten about the game of musical chairs which they played as children, whereby one child was knocked out of the game when the music stopped because there were less chairs than children. 
Applying that analogy to the adult debtors game of financial chairs and one realizes that, in fact, the creditor (the banking corporation) is risking absolutely nothing while the debtor is risking his/her asset by virtue of his/her signature on the promissory note. The result is obvious - bankruptcies, foreclosures, poverty, scarcity, lack and even death - are evident everywhere on planet earth. 
On my recent visit to the Philippines, it became evident to me that while in Canada, our social system makes a gallant effort to hide the visual effects of usury (interest), in the Philippines, the evidence of poverty, scarcity and lack is forever in your face as you travel in either urban or rural areas. This article titled "The Manifestation of Real Crisis and Its Deadly Effects To All," authored by Eric V. Encina, a native Filipino is compulsory reading for anyone who wants to understand the severity of the economic crisis in the Philippines.

It is unfortunate, that debtors, for lack of knowledge, continue to sign impossible contracts (promissory notes) drawn up by creditors (banking corporations) - who with the support of a corrupted Justice (JUST-US) system constantly swindle and steal real property and wealth from debtors who for any multitude of reasons, are unable to make the monthly payments for usury (interest) and principal on their respective loans and/or mortgages.
In English, the word for a house loan is mortgage. The French translation of mort-gage is death-gamble. The usual French word for a mortgage is “une hypothèque” - because the real meaning of the word “mortgage” is too obvious and the astute, French debtors would ask too many questions and question the answers.
It is true, that debtors everywhere, who are seeking house loans (mortgages) are being cajoled and coerced to sign contracts (promissory notes) prepared and presented by the creditors (banking corporations). For the most part, these ill-informed debtors are  actually gambling that they will successfully manipulate their local, economic marketplace, so that they will earn sufficient money to be able to repay both the principal and the usury (interest) portion of their house loan (mortgage). 
Indeed, judging by history, those debtors who hustle a little more than other debtors and given a bit of simple good luck, they may be able to pay back both the principal and the usury (interest) portion of their mortgage. Other debtors who learn to lie a little bit, cheat a little bit, and/or steal a little bit from the system, and maybe learn to be just a little bit greedy - just to survive financially, may come up with enough dollars to repay both the principal and the usury (interest) portion of their mortgage. But guaranteed, not all debtors will be able to repay both the principal and usury (interest) portion of their mortgages - simply because by design, there is a shortage of dollars in the economic system of debt money. The evidence of the shortfall of money is all around us - both locally and globally.
Most debtors in this world are what you might describe as “usury-burnt.” In almost every country on planet earth, you will find hordes of disgruntled, usury-burnt debtors who are pested and plagued by the ultimate effects of the function of usury (interest) on our local and global debt money systems - which are directly and/or indirectly controlled by the killer machine of usury (interest).
I repeat, debtors everywhere are uneducated and unaware that they are being deceived as they are cajoled and coerced to sign impossible contracts with creditors (banking corporations) when they seek loans and/or mortgages. Ask any debtor this simple question: “Where do you think the creditor (the banking corporation) got the money to lend you for the loan or mortgage?” The most likely answer will be: “The creditor (the banking corporation) got the money for my loan or mortgage from “depositors’ funds.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
For clarity and a better understanding about modern money creation, John “The Engineer” Turmel, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada offers two essential lessons of required study by debtors everywhere:
Lesson 1: LETS Banking Systems Engineering Math Banking System Blueprint

Lesson 2: The Big Lie Of Economics: Inflationgate: 
As I mentioned earlier, you see the devastating effects and general destruction of usury (interest) everywhere, BUT it is much more obvious in the countries of the so-defined “third world.” The whole society of planet earth stinks and rots because of the immoral and evil effects of the design flaw of usury (interest) on our faltering and failing, orthodox, economic system of debt money.
As we enter our 12 year for The UsuryFree Resolution, let’s learn to create and spend our own usuryfree time currencies in our respective, local communities. Let’s learn from and follow the examples of Tamworth Hours (a project in Tamworth, Ontario, Canada, temporarily shelved) and Ithaca Hours, (a proven model in Ithaca, New York, U.S.A., that has been functioning since 1991 - that’s 21 years of success) and Mountain Hours (a more recent project in Summit County, Colorado, U.S.A.,launched earlier in 2012). Indeed, there are other successful model of usuryfree time tokens that I am not aware of. Readers are invited to share links to other working models of usuryfree time tokens in the comments section below this article.

BTW - there are various samples of usuryfree community currency posted at this link.
By the time we reach our 13th year for The UsuryFree Resolution, let’s aim to have multiple thousands of usuryfree, time token, economic systems fully functioning and enhancing the “shop local” movement. Let’s do it NOW!
When we have multiple thousands of local communities, scattered all around planet earth whereby local consumers are negotiating trades/exchanges with local entrepreneurs, while acquiring the truth about modern money creation, we will create that shift in consciousness. Mathematicians have explained that when 3% of the population, grasp and move ahead with an idea, the other 97% will soon follow. 
The knowledge and resources of how we-the-people can create and spend our own usuryfree, time tokens are readily available from experienced time-traders who have proven that the time-trading model is the optimal model to adopt - both locally and globally - simply because one hour of time (labour) have a value of 60 minutes on every continent.
So, instead of continuing to rely of their (the banking corporations’) money and paying them a fee - usury (interest), let’s learn to create and spend our own time tokens for FREE!
Astute debtors will no longer be subservient to creditors (the banking corporations) - that have been relying on lies, deceits and deceptions to trick the debtors into signing impossible contracts whereby the usury (interest) portion of loans and/or mortgages is never created and issued into circulation simultaneously, when the principal portion of the loan and/or mortgage is created and issued into circulation. 
Re-educated debtors everywhere, will unite when empowered and our ultimate reslove will be The UsuryFree Resolution - without the Revolution!! We simply resolve to promote and foster proven, economic models of usuryfree living, thereby allowing the broken model of usury-based, debt money to eventually collapse and disappear. The end result will be that usury (interest) will be abolished forever, and there will be peace, prosperity and abundance for every individual - anywhere on planet earth.
And we will forgive the former usurers. We will offer them amnesty, anonymity and a free credit line in out new economic model of usuryfree time tokens, therefore there will be no acts of revenge, nor will there be any bloodshed in a revolution for monetary reform. It will simply happen as the shift in consciousness evolves from “Life With Usury” to Life Without Usury.”
As the UsuryFree Resolution evolves to completion, two ways to mitigate the negative impacts of the design flaw of usury is to seek ways to immediately evade usury (interest) and avoid taxes. Yes, it is still legal to evade usury (interest) and it is still legal to avoid taxes, though it is illegal to evade taxes. It is important to avoid taxes simply because the majority of tax dollars extracted from one’s daily/weekly/monthly/yearly earnings goes directly to pay debt service for the various levels of government. Debt service is correctly defined as usury (interest).
If as a society, we-the-debtors evaded usury (interest) to the best of our ability and avoided taxes by implementing creative strategies, the entire world would lighten up and we could experience “peace and plenty by 2020.” Way back in the mid-20th Century, Buckminster Fuller predicted we could achieve that goal, so let’s do it NOW!
An example of a creative strategy to avoid taxes would be for every employee to launch a part-time, home based enterprise and thereby as an active entrepreneur s/he qualifies to deduct legitimate business expenses, not commonly available to employees. The Tax Benefits of an SDI Enterprise explains many ways that part-time, SDI entrepreneurs can legally avoid taxes - especially during the early years on any business launch. The additional benefit for becoming a part-time entrepreneur is that one would have access to products and/or services at wholesale prices. 

These products and/or services could then be listed on our participating databases of active time-traders who are negotiating trades/exchanges using a combination of usury-based, debt money and usuryfree time tokens during these transitory times. I recommend that debtors everywhere learn about the SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry - as the optimal sales and marketing industry of this 21st Century. There is an abundance of information about the SDI Industry at the blog titled - The SDI Eye Opener. This article titled: Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry”  is perhaps the best starting point to learn about the SDI industry.
After becoming familiar with the SDI Industry, then make your choice on which company’s products you would like to add to your Portfolio for the purpose of bartering/trading with other participating time-traders in your local community.
Furthermore, as active time-traders we can divert any earnings of usury-based, debt money that is now saved on a monthly basis to (a) paying off any outstanding debts - for it is the growth of outstanding debt that causes the greatest economic pain and/or (b) donating to groups or charitable organizations that will use them to promote and foster the growth and development of the usuryfree time token movement in our respective local communities.
The restoration of usury-burnt debtors will help to re-vitalize local economies first and global economies later. Let’s make a gallant effort to re-educate our fellow-debtors who are evidently usury-burnt. In turn, when re-educated, they will first empower themselves and then they will reach out and empower others in their respective circles of influence.
We, the active usuryfree creatives have lots to do before the 12th Anniversary of The UsuryFree Resolution.

NOTE: Donations/gifts of (a) usury-based, debt money and/or (b) any usuryfree community currency gratefully accepted to help advance the mission to achieve usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth. 

The Paypal account for The UsuryFree network is: tom@cyberclass.net

Otherwise donations can be mailed to: 
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