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The People's Book Project

 Andrew Gavin Marshall is a 24-year old independent researcher and writer living in Montreal, Canada. He has published online and in print dozens of articles, essays, and reports on a wide variety of topics and issues, always from a highly critical perspective. His personal website with archives of his writing is:

11 JAN 2012 -

Interview With the Corbett Report Radio Show on The People’s Book Project and the American Empire

11 JAN 2012 -

Premiere Pod Cast Show: Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall

10 JAN 2012 -

The People’s Book Project: Winner of 2011 Winged Lion Award


This new book is a heavily researched initiative to present a new understanding of the world, focusing specifically on historical, political, social, and economic power structures.

The aim is to understand the ideas, institutions, and individuals which have come to be dominant over humanity, and thus, how humanity can free itself from the chains that bind it to its present state.

Among the many topics analyzed and examined are:

- the emergence of the nation-state, capitalism, and central banking

- the rise of the European empires

- the rise of the banking dynasties: Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller

- resistance and revolution against the elite power structures

- the origins of the educational system

- development of elite ideology and philosophy – the concept of ‘social control’

- origins and aims of the major philanthropic foundations (Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller)

- the role of foundations in social engineering and social control

- emergence and influence of powerful think tanks: Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission

- development of public relations, propaganda, and the consumer society

- the Federal Reserve, World Wars, and the origins of the American Empire

- nature of the American Empire: National Security State (CIA, Pentagon), and the economic apparatus (World Bank, IMF), and other dominant institutions such as the UN, NATO, and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as well as the role of the major foundations in the construction of knowledge and education for empire

- wars, coups, and assassinations of nations and leaders who threaten the dominant powers

- poverty, economic exploitation, and control over the ‘Third World’ nations

- development and evolution of the elite ideology of ‘globalism’ – the objective of which is to create the ideas and institutions of a ‘global government’

- foundations, NGOs, and social movements: Civil Rights, population control, environmentalism

and much, much more!

If you are interested in seeing this book come to fruition, please support it by donating and spreading the word!

The People's Book Project

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