Friday, September 30, 2011

World News According to Corporate Media

Six media conglomerates now control 80% of the print, video, audio and film media in this country. In other words most of what we know, what we perceive and how we form our public opinions are being shaped by these six companies :

GE - now Comcast (NBC), The News Corp (FOX), Disney (ABC), Time Warner (CNN),  
Viacom (Comedy Central) and CBS

Keep us numb and keep us dumb … that is the goal of corporate media, a point that has been underscored by several significant authors. The controlling elite do not want the public to start demanding facts about constant war, banker bailouts, forced austerity and an increasingly suppressive police force. A public that demands real and frequent questions from their representatives, true investigative journalism and openness from their banks, their government and the multinational corporations is not the goal of corporate media. Critical thinking and intellectual challenge would threaten the status quo and that is the last thing that the big boys want.
The Internet is a bastion of free speech like no other and be under no illusion -  it has been targeted by these media moguls and just about every politician and corporate tycoon in America. Why?  Because it allows little people like myself to have an equal voice with the rich and powerful. We can pull up the shade, throw back the curtains and point to the seedier realities of political, governmental and corporate corruption that takes place every day in this country. 

Net Neutrality? On its way out first, with Comcast and NBC and next up is ATT and T-mobile. Internet Censorship ? Not a month goes by that some congressman does not introduce legislation that allows our corporate/government to limit criticism and free speech under the guise of security. McCarthyism is flourishing in America as blacklisted writers are now being replaced by blacklisted websites. A communist under every bed is now a terrorist on every corner. Want to shut someone up and put them away? Call them a terrorist. Right now under current laws accused terrorists can be made to disappear, extradited and tortured with no habeas corpus or due process.

The Patriot Act is a stark example of what this Congress is capable of. Look at how many civil liberties and constitutional protections were washed down the drain with this one. This law, by-the-way, was fully approved and reauthorized with NO changes, by a democratic Congress and signed by Obama. DOJ and Homeland Security recently and wrongfully closed down 84,000 sites with no due process and no prior notification. Copyright infringement with no mention of the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act seems to be the latest corporate/governmental ploy in fear mongering.  Bloggers and filmmakers who use the works of others to illustrate a point, criticize, educate and to enhance public awareness for NO profit or financial gain are being put on notice that they are flying in restricted air space and to beware - big brother is watching.

But wait! I am just an activist, a citizen journalist, I mean no one any harm, I am just trying to enhance public awareness, raise the consciousness, inspire the masses to start thinking more critically,  to check out the facts and verify things for themselves. Everything I am doing is perfectly LEGAL. Please let me speak – I am not a domestic terrorist really – just a man who sees through clouds of deception.

Does this mean that free speech is dead?  No, not yet but it is on the ropes.

 By first fanning and then pretending to address the public’s fear of terrorism -  media, our congressional delegation and our college and university professors are addressing their real fear …. loss of money. They all know that openly challenging issues related to 9/11, terrorism and police suppression leads directly to the loss of campaign contributions, advertising dollars, jobs  and/or  tenure, consequently issues, questions, discussions and analysis that desperately needs to be on the radar screen are barely being mentioned. Why? Because the Corporate State is watching and making a list.
Chris Pratt, Citizen Journalist

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