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Here, I represent the views of three men: two contemporaries of the Twentieth Century, Douglas Reed and William Guy Carr, and the other, Mark Glenn, a contemporary of the Twenty-First Century. Each one, in his own words, describes what we do, in fact, see going on in our world.

“What is called "Western civilization" cannot be conceived without Christianity. During the nineteen hundred years which followed the death of Jesus the West improved so greatly that it left the rest of the world behind . . . Its greatest improvement was in the field of the spirit and of man's behaviour towards man…

“The shadow that followed the disciples out of the gates of Jerusalem, before the Romans entered, also followed Christianity into the West; and the Talmudic sect dogged it during all those centuries. The West, in the Twentieth Century, became the scene of the struggle between the nations which had risen with Christianity and the sect dedicated to the destructive idea.

“Not only the West is involved in its issue. About five hundred years after the life of Jesus the instinctive impulse of men to seek one God produced another challenge to Talmudic racialism, and this time it came from among the Semitic masses. The Arabs, too, attained to the concept of one God of all men…

“This religion, like Christianity, taught no hatred of other religions. Muhammad showed only reverence for Jesus and his mother (who are both the subjects of profane derision in Talmudic literature).However, Muhammad held the Jews to be a destructive force, self-dedicated.

“Thus was Islam born, and it spread over the meridianal parts of the known world as Christianity spread over the West and Buddhism, earlier, over the East. Great streams began to move, as if towards a confluence at some distant day, for these universal religions are in no major tenet as oil and water, and in the repudiation of master-racehood and the destructive idea they agree.
“Christianity and Islam spread out and embraced great masses of mankind; the impulse that moved in men became clear. Far behind these universal religions lay Judaism, in its tribal enclosure, jealously guarded by the inner sect.

“In the Twentieth Century this powerful sect was able to bring the masses of Christendom and Islam to the verge of destructive battle with each other. If the present generation sees that clash, the spectacle will be that of one great universal religion contending with another for the purpose of setting up the creed of the ‘master-race’.”[1]

“Now there’s another thing that we have to keep in mind and I’m glad that I am able to say this on an Islamic channel because this is very important. This new freedom that we are going to see take place in these countries, if indeed the Western-Zionist powers are successful in installing a new king on top of these people, is going to be poisoned.

“You are going to see the same kind of cultural rot take hold of these countries as we have seen take place in the West. This is what freedom and democracy is going to mean for these people. It is going to mean a relax in restrictions on pornography. The lax moral standards that we see prevailing here in the West; you will see this take over in the Muslim world as well, because Islam represents, as an ideology, the most serious threat to what we would call the New World Order.

“Islam cannot be corrupted the way Christianity has. Islam refuses to go along with what we would call Zionist-Capitalism. So, this is something I strongly recommend, my Muslim friends, and I am saying this as a Christian, that we have to be very careful about the exuberance and all of the support we are throwing behind these revolutions because if the wrong regime is put in place, on top of these people, you will see their countries destroyed from within, just as the countries in the West have been destroyed by these same moral poisons.

“Don’t allow this to happen. Stay true to the tenets of your faith. Again, I am saying this as a Christian, that the only chance right now that the world has of surviving this moral onslaught that we are witnessing at present is that Islam remains strong and that it remains pure and untainted by the same types of poison and corruption that has destroyed the Christian West.”[2]

“I am supported in my conviction by Biblical authority and history – Lucifer got what he wanted by leading the heavenly revolt. He persuaded vast multitudes of various levels of the angels to join him. Among these were one-third of the highest, the brightest and the most intelligent of the heavenly host. Lucifer got himself expelled from Heaven and cast into Hell, and this was exactly what he wanted to have happen. Since then he has struggled to wean as many others away from God as possible, so that they may come under his dominion. We know of his activities only on this earth, and we call this the World Revolutionary Movement... the Devil, through his earthly agentur, can and does influence the thinking of the masses in order to produce evil mass results including wars and revolutions. We refer to the manner of the Secret Powers of Evil have of using propaganda and mass psychology to serve their diabolical purposes. . .

"It is nothing to be amazed at when theologians and philosophers disagree. Only God and the Devil know on whose side they are. Matthew 7:15 warns us of 'False prophets in sheep’s clothing.' [Jesus warns of 'them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan, and do lie.' Rev. 2:9 and 3:9]. . .

“I can no longer find authority in the Scriptures, or by reasoning, to justifying allowing ourselves to be divided into opposing camps, then armed, and made to fight and kill each other in order to solve political, social, economic, or other problems which are no nearer solution now than they ever were. It just doesn’t make sense that Christians [and /or Muslims] can be divided into opposing camps and made to kill each other off by the tens of millions without having the slightest personal animosity for one another.”[3]

[1] Douglas Reed, Controversy of Zion, written 1951-56, published 1978; pp. 75-76.
[3] William Guy Carr, SATAN, Prince of this World, written 1959.

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